When the Fog Finally Lifts


It’s such a strange feeling. Like walking through a thick fog that is choking the very light out of the world. You can barely see the path before you, but you know it’s there. You still stumble, though you never completely fall. The way out is close, but it seems so far away. Everything seems so far out of your reach. You know once the fog clears that you’ll be able to find the right path. Everything will be alright, but you just need to get there.

That is always the most difficult part. It is even more difficult to explain it to others who may not understand.

This is where I was yesterday. From the moment I woke up to the second I fell asleep, I was stuck in this place. Today, I left that place behind.

Depression and anxiety are different for everyone. Sometimes it is not like this for me. Sometimes it is. I think that is what makes it worse to try and explain how you’re feeling. At times, it’s a dark and damp place filled with fog. Other times, it’s maddening. Yesterday was foggy and muddy, and kept me weighed down for far too long.

I much prefer today feeling bright and content.

Some might wonder why I wrote something like this here where I have been advocating positive living. I believe that in order to be happy, you should be able to discuss the things that effect that feeling. Pinpoint the moments when you are not feeling like yourself and write about it. More often than not, I keep things to myself. I keep them tight lipped until they finally explode at a later time; a time when the smallest thing will set you off. Address the feelings now. Even if it’s not with spoken word, write it down. I believe people worry that others will not understand why they are feeling this way. They won’t, but that doesn’t mean that no one will.


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