Food For Thought

Maybe one day I’ll be posting my own creations, but for now, I’m thanking Betty Crocker for this recipe.

Sometimes I’m at a loss at what to make my family for dinner. Usually my Mom guides me along since my step-siblings can be rather picky on their choices. To be honest, though, it’s not as difficult as I make it sound. I can make spaghetti, chicken, potatoes, chicken nuggets, and other simple foods and everyone is happy. When it comes to vegetables, it can be a bit more difficult. Especially for me, who absolutely loves anything and everything vegetables.

So what do I do when my the little bro comes along and asks for scalloped potatoes with dinner?

Tell him no problem and then tear through the internet to find something to make with said side dish and chicken.

Usually, for me, scalloped potatoes go with pork chops and peas. It’s been a staple my entire life, and one that I really love. However, we run into the problem of people not liking pork chops. Okay. I can still make it work!

What do I find on the back of the scalloped potatoes box? A recipe for Creamy Chicken Stove Top Casserole.

While I modified it to my family’s liking, it was a quite the hit!

Rather than chicken thighs, I used skinless chicken tenders and my veggie combination included peas, carrots, snow pea pods, and baby corn. I think, aside from the butter since I use skim milk, it was a pretty healthy meal. We even omitted the cheese and bacon and everyone ate their veggies! That is always a plus in my book and I think my Mom would be proud.

My list of things I want to try making has grown quite a bit over the past few months. I desperately want to learn how to make my own donuts and bagels. I would love to try making a frittata. I want to get better at roasting vegetables after the recipes I keep seeing.

I can’t go gourmet, but I’m hoping that I can slowly introduce some new spices, flavors, and food groups to my family!



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